Magical YOUniverse Coaching

Step Into Your Dreams!

  •  Learn the 5 Steps to Manifestation
  •  Let go of Self-limiting beliefs, trauma, self-sabotage
  •  Reprogram your Mind & Body to Align with your Goals
  • ​Condition your Consciousness & Tap into Your Superconscious Genius
  • ​Create Your Map to Success with Lenses Goal Setting Strategy
  • ​Get access to the Full Official Magnetic Mind Masterclass taught by the Founder and his Elite Team of Coaches

Recode Your Subconscious Programming


Immediate Access - Immediate Results

Wounds to Wisdom 7 Day Workshop

Victim to Victorious

Surviving to Thriving!

Part of the human experience is a journey from pure spirit consciousness to an experience of individuation and seperateness. It is natural, and happens when we are children. And, in this experience we become wounded, by our lack, by our needs. Not just unmet needs, but by having needs that others must fulfill as well. So, this effects us all.
     We decide how the world works in these formative years, and create rules and beliefs in order to navigate and get our needs met. And, these become the filter with which we know reality as we grow older, subconsciously running on programming we created as children to survive.
There are 6 Common Limiting Beliefs/Wounds that most people carry. And, many times we hold on to them, even though they limit us, in order to feel secure and safe.
You want to shift from surviving to thriving...and you can.



Hosted by the Founder of Magnetic Mind, Christopher M. Duncan, and his Elite Team of Coaches, this Masterclass is a year-long intensive online Course that will teach you how to Recode your life with Magnetic Mind Processes and Tools. 

Group & Masterclass

Most Popular! $3000

This program gives you 1 Year of Access to the Full Magnetic Mind Masterclass and Magical YOUnverse Masterclassl. 12 Weeks of Group Coaching hosted by MagicalYOUniverse Coaching (1/week). Plus 2 extra Recodes a week by Certified Coaches. Take the coursework and learn the methods to create the life you always wanted!
Value Over $8000! Only $3000
Valued over $1995, Only $888!
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